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The Real Property System Standards (RPSS) provides the nomenclature naming standard, within the UNIFORMAT II hierarchy, for the Defense Health Agency’s real property installed equipment (RPIE), personal property, and low voltage systems Facility Management are responsible to maintain in good working order.



The Defense Health Agency Facilities Enterprise (DHA-FE) of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Health Affairs is committed to delivering world-class medical facilities that support a care experience that is patient and family-centered, compassionate, convenient, equitable, safe, and always of the highest quality. This site is a place of learning and sharing for everyone involved in making this happen.


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To access WCFT you are required to authenticate with a CAC or External Certification Authority (ECA) certificate. If you do not have a CAC (and are unable to obtain one) then you can request application for an ECA cert by contacting Mr. Jeramiah Dempsey at jeramiah.j.dempsey.ctr@health.mil